Monday, October 18, 2010


It is 7:30 am, and I am just about to run off to catch the DART, but wanted to attempt to quickly log the events of the past week. I know I haven't had that many posts in the past week (in fact, zero), and its not because it was an uneventful week. It was a typical week for a typical student in Ireland, except for a select few parts. So bare with me and hopefully it will all get out there.

Leaving off from my last post about my DART adventures: I went to the Garda Immigration Bureau, waited on line for three hours, got another ticket inviting me to come back and wait on line again, went to class, my professor called the Irish retarded, went back to the Garda, waited three more hours, breathed a sigh of relief, went to the library (many times), researched Renaissance violence, played badminton, swam at the gym, wandered Dublin (obviously), bought tickets for Portugal, skyped with Carole, discussed muffins, more research, lazy Friday night in Howth, in town Saturday morning, dinner with Katie and Serena, went to Flannery's, drank at Flannery's, got sick at Flannerys, woke up on Serena's and the DART home, skyped with Nicole, discussed trombones, downloaded some history podcast (go nerd), woke up yesterday (in my own bed), went to class, learned about drugs, read some guys diary (don't worry he's dead), and called it a night last night after watching the Inbetweeners. 

...I think thats everything. Well thats all for now! I'll check back sooner next time!!



  1. yeah my friends and i are going to lisbon for a few days in reading week...its this random week we have off in the middle of the semester to catch up on all the studying we've put off. so, we're going to portugal.