Friday, October 1, 2010


So the first week of classes is officially over, but man do they hit the ground running here! I'm already buried up to my nose in reading and I think I'm going to Cork tomorrow. That really shows where my priorities are! Just gonna quickly run through all my courses, but then I promise I won't do it again unless it's something thats blog-worthy. As most weeks tend to, this week began with Monday. Caught the DART in to town and headed off to "A Cognitive Neuropsychological Approach to Drug Addiction". For future reference, although the full name is cool, that will probably be shortened to the "drug class". We soon learned Trinity seemed to violate numerous fire codes when we found out how many people were enrolled in the course and how much space was in the room...there were no aisles, just rows of desks with no gaps. If there was a fire, we would have been screwed. Thankfully, we made it out of that death trap of a room and apparently the lecture has been changed to a new room.

Tuesday began with Developmental Psychology. Sticking to the norm of the discipline, what else would my lecturer lecture on but the nature vs. nurture debate? Who knew?! It's both!! I have lost track as to how many times I've heard this discussion. Professors always say that there are some scholars that think its one over the other, well apparently not because every professor I have had has always right in the middle! That afternoon I had my first lecture in Irish history. There is an old man in my class. Come to think of it there are many old people in my class. But this old man, this old man is a piece of work. He acts like he is all buddy-buddy with the professor and speaks like he thinks that he is a walking encyclopedia. I can't wait to get into a debate with him.

Just a heads up, class times are really weird. I have some classes on back to back days, but at different times. Anyway, Wednesday morning began with another discussion of, you guessed it, nature vs. nurture. There really isn't that much more to say about that. But I had Irish history again that afternoon with a different lecturer (apparently team teaching is a big thing). Now this professor is pretty old fashioned and one thing that he values is being on time, which is odd because he arrived late. But to make his point that he would always start the lecture on the hour, he started talking before he walked through the door to the lecture hall. It didn't take me long to realize that lecture would begin regardless of whether or not Professor Brady was in-front of a class.

Yesterday was a nice day. I had my first class of Renaissance Florence and our professor proceeded to transport us back to our childhood years. We played a name game. The class had twenty people and I felt like I was back in fourth grade. After explaining the course of the course he let us out early warning us that the teeth pulling starts next week. Just a side note about Dr. Ditchburn, one of my friends who has had him before described him as a leprechaun that could not stand still for the duration of a lecture. I completely agree with her.

Seeing that I have no class on Fridays, today was a very nice day. I also realized that it had been a long time since I have wandered Dublin. So I caught a late DART into town and wandered the Trinity campus. The buildings are absolutely amazing just to look at and some of them date back to the eighteenth century. I avoided the bell tower though, as it was close to the hour and walking under the chiming bell could cause failure on any exams. But then the Irish do say its bad luck to be superstitious of anything.

Well I am completely shattered and need to get some sleep. Thanks for following guys!!



  1. haha you're picking up lingo. shattered is a max and i guess and irish thing. i love it.

  2. class of 20? name games? sounds like bard :-P