Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stay Off the Grass... Just Kidding

So when Ireland is brought to mind, most people think of beer. If not you'll probably think of drunks. If you can somehow bypass that mental schema you'll think of the color green. Trinity College is no different. Like most of the college campuses in the states, the grounds are dotted with green grass and all. Unlike American schools, however, pretty much all of the grass is off limits. It is not unusual to find 18th-century metal chains surrounding the green or 21st-century signs warning us to stay off the lawn. On a normal day, most people will surround the grass. Never on the grass, only sitting on the steps next to it. That was not the case today. Normally on Tuesdays I would have Developmental Psychology and Irish History back to back. But today after my first class, the fire alarm went off. First off Irish fire alarms are really loud. Secondly we really didn't know what to do when it happened. Obviously, go outside. But the last time we all heard a fire alarm go off in the buttery, no body moved. So we were quite literally deer caught in the headlights. Ok maybe not literally. But so anyway, we were ushered outside by security guards. From the front door to the arts block we made our way, by the direction of the guards, on to the grass. Take a moment to take in the gravity of this situation. They forced us on to their coveted lawn. Thats big news.

Well thats gotta be all for today. Been working with all the Cork people to figure out the Edinburgh trip. Hope it will all come together in the end!!!


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