Wednesday, October 27, 2010

...And What Do You Do With Witches?

In this entry I could talk about the witch hunt that I went on tonight. I could talk about how it was put on by the Trinity College History Society and took the form of a treasure hunt. I could talk about how funny it must have been to see a bunch of college kids running through the streets of Dublin with pitchforks and torches. I could talk about the people on my team and how we almost won but lost in the end. I could talk about all this, if it weren't for the rain. Tonight was the night for the annual (I think?) Trinity College Witch Hunt. We were all told, quite mysteriously may I add, to meet at the campanile at 5:30 pm. As pointed out by Samantha, thats kinda sketchy. Regardless, I popped into Dr. Ditchburn's office hours right after my class was over to discuss the first of two essays we have to write for his class. While I was sitting in his office discussing the self-centered nature of Bounaccorso Pitti, it saw that it started to rain outside. Now this wasn't your typical Irish drizzle. It began to downpour. Not good. Still at 5:30, it had cleared up a little bit, I made my way over to the center of campus to meet everyone for the witch hunt. I quickly learned that it would be postponed. Again, not good. In the end, while severely disappointed, we all decided to head over to MacTurcles, a pub not too far from campus with fairly cheap pints.

Despite that being quite the letdown, today was actually pretty productive for me. I cranked out 2000 words for that Ditchburn paper and played badminton for two hours. Yes I probably would have wanted to top off the night by burning a witch, but the rain would have put out the fire. So no point in that. But I also did learn of a Dublin tradition called the "Twelve Pubs of Christmas", so that should be interesting!

Well off to bed now! Check back with you all soon!


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