Monday, October 11, 2010

Adventures on the DART

Monday is always a study day. I'm on campus at 10:00 for my psychology of addiction course and thats it for the day, so I will always end up in a cubicle in the library. Today, after spending a lovely four hours reading and outlining my textbook on Sixteenth-Century Ireland, I ran to Pearse Station to catch the next DART home. I casually walked into the lobby, glanced up at the screen, and saw that the next train to Howth left in...0 minutes. Great. Kicking it into high gear I sprinted up the stairs only to see the green trains pulling away from the platform. In retrospect, I am extremely glad that I missed that train because I had no idea what was coming on the next DART home.

1. I witnessed a chinese fire drill. As we pulled into the Clontarf Road Station, four guys, I'm guessing they were friends, got up out of their seats and ran out the door. Apparently they ran down the platform to the other door on the car, because soon enough they were back in their seats. Only, there were just three of them. As the train pulled away from the station, all of three of them looked out onto the platform to search for their fire drilling friend...with little success because he was sitting in the seat just at the end of the car. After a bit of a freak out, his friends soon realized that he had, in fact, safely completed the fire drill and was only watching for their reactions.

2. This wasn't as funny as the safety precautions of the first, but it was just one of those moments that catches you off guard. There are signs on all the windows displaying the witty phrase: "No Feet On Seats". How creative. But as we were rolling along today this middle aged man turns to this girl sitting across the aisle from him and says in an extremely disgusted tone: "Get your feet off that seat!" I mean thanks for enforcing the law of the land, but really now? He obviously didn't know her and she obviously rode the rest of the ride in extreme discomfort.

3. This is probably the best of the three, and thats why its going last. As we were pulling into the second to last stop, Sutton, I see this herd of women standing on the platform. We slowly inched to a stop and they all piled on to the car. First of all, this is strange because got the ride for only one stop. Its just as easy, if not easier, to drive or even walk to Howth. But I was about to turn my attention to something else when I realized that they were all wearing shower caps. I didn't really know what to think of it! So I chuckled to myself, and eventually successfully turned my attention to something else.

So I guess that missing the train ended up being a good thing! Hope everyone is doing great and I'll talk to you all soon!!


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