Friday, December 17, 2010


Once again, I'm in Insomnia. And, once again, I'm eating a Lemon White Chocolate Muffin. But thats not what todays entry is about. As I sit here in the cafe, pondering my getaway plan with my super awesome Insomnia mug, I still can't get over the fact that I'm actually done. I wrote a total of 19000 words this semester, and 14000 of them were written in the last week. So now, I really don't know what to do with myself. Apparently the obvious answer is go get coffee. But now what do I do?

Before I continue on with being all reflective...allow me to discuss the events of the past few days. I wrote papers. And, I wrote papers. There were some classes involved there too.

Ok moving right along, I only have four more days left in Ireland. Its so hard to wrap your head around something like that. I've been here for more than three months now and I've gotten used to the culture, made tons of new friends and have had an amazing time. But it's just going to end on Tuesday. Well enough of me being melodramatic. Let me move on to what I think is going to happen over the next few days. Whether or not they actually do, and the crazy stories that come from them, will come later. I will also just take this time to give the heads up that my entries will now shift to the "yesterday format". This is primarily because I will not be in any state at all to write a blog entry each night after the events that this weekend is set to hold. That being said, I may attempt to do so. But that will be followed by a sober translation the following morning.

Tonight is badminton on ice. Its not an actual show, and we're not playing badminton on ice. But that would be pretty cool to watch, not play. So the badminton team is going ice skating. Obviously, we're going out after. I've heard talk of the Pav or the Porterhouse. Because there's no entry fee. That's what usually governs where people go out here. How much does it cost to get in. The worst I've seen is ten euro to get in...but those are usually worth it. Usually. Tomorrow night is sleepover time. We're all headed down to Amy's house in Wexford (I think?) for her annual Bantermas party. Should be a good time. But its a ways away so people aren't going to even bother finding a way home. Perfect. As for my last two nights in Ireland, stay tuned. I probably won't even know what's happening until after it actually happens.

I'm gonna sign off for now, gotta start thinking about how I'm getting all my stuff back home to the states. Thats going to be an interesting process. But for now, I will see you all very soon and in the words of the Irish... Sláinte!!


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